It is in this place where I share stories and such about things that inspire and infuence my life. This is my bliss!!

For me, the Lord is the Fountain from where I receive that which is satisfying. As you enter this place feel free to rest, reflect, dream and be inspired afresh and anew. I am hoping you will Come to the Fountain and take a drink of living water.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012




This blog is all about things that inspire us.  So many times I believe we miss the very things that are right in front of us.  We get so preoccupied with life, the simple things in life are often overlooked. 

When I was young, our pastor asked my mother to take over a Sunday School class of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade boys who no other Sunday School teacher would take as they were distracting the class! She agreed, as she could never refuse our pastor, even though she had her work cut out for her with this handful of active and a bit unruly boys. We lived close to the church, and so many Sunday mornings if the weather permitted, we would walk to church. I loved this time with my mother. I have always been a free spirit who has not much regard for time, except when I have been working ... but, I was about 8-10 at the time and was late most of the time, which just about drove my mother crazy as she was always early. So this particular morning it was just the beginning of Spring and I was total enamored with all the new activity I was viewing in nature. My favorite flowers are Spring flowers. I have never been one who loves store bought flowers that much. But, a handpicked bouquet with my favorite Spring flowers of Lilacs, Lily of the Valley, Violets, Iris, Forsythia, Tulips and such will cause me to squeal in delight! 


I was thrilled to see some of my favorite flowers beginning to bloom on the way to chuch.. chirpping delightedly to my Mother “Oh Mommy, look at the Forsythia bush starting to bloom, look at my favorite.. the hyacinth.. see the happy little daffodils, the pansies with their cute little faces, and the crocus?” My mother however, being an “A type personality, with a get it done attitude” had getting to church on time on her mind, wanting to set a good example for her "boys", and urged me strongly to hurry along. My heart was to drink in the beauty I was seeing and to stop and smell the flowers, but I obediently obeyed my mother.  My mother had told me that from the time I was just a toddler, I would try to hug everyone, and wanted to see everything up eye to eye... hahaha.. whether it be babies, or animals, birds, flowers.. I had to have one on one encounters!

                         Me greeting a sheep about 4 yrs.

Little did I know our pastor, Dr. Ackerman who everyone loved would be giving a sermon that morning on “Stopping to smell the Roses”. He explained about the importance of majoring on the major things in life and minoring on the minors. He said many times we get so caught up in the have to’s of life that we forget about stopping along the way to enjoy life and what God has placed in front of us to enjoy! My mother turned to me with tears in her eyes mouthing the words “I’m sorry”.  

As an adult, I realize there is a need for both getting things done decently and in order, but there also needs to be time taken along the way to stop and smell the roses.  Won't you take a minute today to be inspired by the beauty around you?  God has given us so much to enjoy!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012



I just love the different Seasons.. Each one displays God's beauty in such wonderful and magnicent ways.  No matter what season we are in either in the natural or spiritual.. there are lessons we can learn along the way.  Each new season inspires me to be more than I can be, and I see the hand of the Lord and the many facets of His love again and again.

Whether it be in Autumn when God has used His paintbrush to show His glory or to cause us to realize we must allow things to fall to the ground and die so new fruit may come into our life. 

Or Winter where there is a glistening holy hush .. a time to consider that under the snow, hidden.. are promises yet to be revealed.   

How I love Spring with such hope for tomorrow and so many things blooming, new beginnings and things springing forth..

or Summer with the sweet fragrance of His creations filling our senses.. lazy days to contemplate His goodness..,

Getting back to Spring, One of my favorite scriptures is below.. God has impressed this upon my heart in so many occassions as I went through winter experiences feeling nothing good could come out of the things was encountering.     God has spoken to me through this scripture time and time again... I do pray that it blesses you as much as it has blessed me....   

Song of Solomon 2:10-13  

 10 My beloved spake, and said unto me, Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away. 11 For, lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone;

12 the flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land; 13 the fig tree putteth forth her green figs, and the vines with the tender grape give a good smell.

 Arise, my love, my fair one, and come away.

What wonderous words from a Father who loves us, and desires for us to enter into the Springtime of our lives!

Donsie's Dialogs 3/21/12  



This was written in March of 2005 after the tail end of my father in law passing away, my mother in law coming to live with us and then with us being primary caregivers while she was in a nursing home until her death... I had experienced one traumatic blow after another in my life.  My son, son in law, sister and brother in law all had cancer ... my favorite aunt had passed away from physical problems... we closed our church that my husband and I had pioneered, my dear friend and mentor had died from cancer, my mother who had lived with us and then to a nearby nursing home had just died... and then another unbelievable event....  My late husband passed away from a brain tumor in December 2004.

I was in the worst place I had ever been in my life.  I did not want to live and struggled on every turn.  I had never in my life ever been a depressive person, but these series of events so close to one another had set me into a tailspin.   Friends who knew and loved me were so sympathetic, and even one of my friends called every day to just touch base.  But, even with all that love,  I felt at times as though I could barely breath. I was so concerned for my children who were trying to be so brave for me, and yet I knew they were going through their own sorrow and mourning.  So many people giving well meaning words of advise and caring.. and yet, it was as though I could hear nothing.. It sounded to me like the "wawa" sound... from the Peanuts cartoon that had always been so comical to me when the kids would hear their parents talking!!!  It all sounded like a muffled sound with no words!! 

A friend I had much history with came into my life at that time and it helped me take my focus off my circumstances and caused me to realize that life is worth living. I had thought this was both healing and timely for both of us.  I also ended up in the hospital over Easter for five days.. with artiel fib ... my heart racing and only a miracle of a precious little old Baptist woman praying for me intervened on a shock treatment to stop and then start my heart again to set it back to normal...   A final karate chop to the juggler sent me reeling when I was at my most vulnerable... and I felt like I was down for the count.

We never know what things life has in store for us, and life is not always easy.  But, I can say one thing with confidence... God is always there to catch us when we fall and are in the most desperate of situations.  He is there to wipe the tears from our eyes and He is there to help us when we are misunderstood .. He heals our broken hearts and picks us up and carries us through the rough spots.  We can allow such situations to cause us to become bitter or better.   We can let devastating circumstances to take us under, or we can rise above.  

I went through every emotion imaginable. 
I went through disbelief, anger, unforgiveness, dismay..... etc...   I asked "why, why, why" over and over... my soul was flooded with despair so deep that I could not even cry.  A sadness came over me and I did not even want friends to try to help me anymore... I had lost trust... and a melancholy I had never experienced came and overshadowed me.  I had always been a Pollyana type (I still am!) I like to look at the cup half full instead of half empty!  But, all I could see at this time of my life was a hallow vessel.  I had considered myself to be whole as a person and now I felt like Humpty Dumpty and was even believing that not only all the kings horses and kings men could not put me back together .. but I even questioned if the KING Himself could.. what a dilemma.

I wish I could say I was strong and did all the things a good Christian would do... things I had done in the past to pray my way to victory... but to tell the truth... I was so weak .. I could barely lift my head...
I had been a powerhouse in the Lord believing and praying for so many in the past and seeing amazing, miraculous results. and yet in the state I was in at this time .. I was so weak.  I felt like I had been slapped hard in the face and kept wondering what I did wrong?   I felt like a broken doll, torn to pieces and left for dead.  The scripture about God using "burnt stones" to rebuild came to my mind more than one time, for I surely felt burnt and burnt out.

I only know that in that place God came and tenderly loved me back to wholeness.  I don't know how He did it to this day... I only know that He did.  He showed me that in all things HE is faithful.  He is always there and He has our best interest in His heart.  He showed me that we don't always understand why things happen the way they do... but what is the most important is that He is there to help us through.   It was a slow recovery for me... but He sent many wonderful people that I found I could trust to help me through. Also within this time good things did start to happen, I moved to Florida to a cute little house on a little lake in a gated community near two and now three of my children.  My children checked on my constantly along with friends and would insist that I get dressed and go out "dancing" at the oddest times .. like 11 pm .. LOL!!   If I sounded down, they were there in a flash to comfort me.. I will be ever grateful for the ones I love who helped me through this difficult time.  Kisses and hugs to all of you who held on to me with tenacity and love.   I decided to live again.. and  I found God's  love to be never-ending and abounding with great gentleness and compassion.  He comforted me, and held me close and let me know He was listening with His heart. 

I know that I am a better counselor, friend and listener since all this happened to me.. I know that I know that I know that God will never leave me or forsake me.  I know that there is alwasy hope for a bright tomorrow.. I know that we are here for a purpose.  I know that I am loved by my heavenly Father and that is all that is truly important.  

My heart goes out to anyone reading this who is having trauma in their lives. Please know that there is one who's lap you can climb up on and tell all your troubles to... there is rest and new life there.. If you need someone to listen or pray for you .. please contact me..    I leave you with this thought and word...

Matthew 11:28    Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.
Below is the word that I wrote way back in 2005 .. little did I know at the time that I had some more trials to go through before I would see that word come to pass...   I hope it ministers to you and blesses you ..

From my heart to yours,


March 2005

Hello dearest ones..

Forgive me for not writing in while .. I have been on a.. shall I say sabbatical.. anyway, friends of God.. something  New is happening in my heart and I pray it is happening in yours too..

A dear friend of mine, Karen Phelps led a worship time last Saturday at a mini retreat of just three women in our favorite place.. the mountains..  and it was heavenly!!  Our purpose was to come together and just lay aside all our agendas to worship ..  As I began to enter into the presence of the Lord.. my mind kept going somewhere else to a word someone had told me.. "that I was tucked away, zipped in their heart".. I kept thinking about how precious that was and then the Lord told me "Donna.. you are tucked away and zipped in MY heart too... tucked away safe and secure, right here in the very center.. enclosed and encapsulated"... God's love has caused us to be in Him and He in us.. so we no longer see with our own eyes.. but are insiders looking out with spiritual eyes, We don't have to keep trying to figure it out.. if we see with His eyes..  the way He sees it..  we will be viewing things from a totally different perspective..  and in that place of safety in Him.. 

Death where is thy sting... for "death is swallowed up in victory (1Cor 15:54)" 

What a word..  especially for me personally with what I have been going through for the last few months after losing my dear husband to brain cancer.

I don't know what has been in a death process in your life, but in my own.. I can tell you quite simply  .. I had not crossed over into resurrection life in alot of areas... I was still so to speak spiritually in the tomb...but...

God said to me.. "New life is coming forth.. can you not see it?  New beginnings.. can you not see it budding forth.. tender shoots.. sure as spring .. sure as I am the author of new beginnings.. it is happening.. and I care for my tender shoots.. I place a blanket of grace over them of protection".. We are in a place of safety and security as He is  growing us up so to speak in this new thing He is doing.. I don't  fully understand it, but I do know that He is IN IT. And I do know that eye has not seen and ear has not heard or perceived what God has in store for us.

Beloved friends... we are coming into a place of  new beginnings.. it  is NOT going to be business as usual… for God is calling us to a new commitment, and new place of authority in Christ Jesus.. old dreams are dying and God is giving us New dreams... self effort is leaving, old habits are leaving, old ways of doing things, leaning on our own understanding, old hurts are leaving, feelings of failure and disappointment... and His Glory is beginning to rain upon us. Isn't it exciting.. and just when we were at our weakest point..

Song 2:10-12  My lover spoke and said to me, "Arise, my darling, my beautiful one, and come with me.  See! The winter is past; the rains are over and gone.  Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come, the cooing of doves is heard in our land

The WINTER is PAST.. what an awesome word.. I had felt as though I was frozen in time cold and isolated.. what about you???? I am SO GLAD our spiritual winter season is passing..  can't you feel it happening? ... just like a butterfly who has been in transformation.. in a cocoon.. (did you know that the caterpillar going into a transparent/translucent state before it becomes a butterfly.. I believe part of what is happening in our lives right now.. is that we are becoming totally transparent with one another and it is helping us come forth into the new place God has for us.. and the cooing of the turtle dove is heard... how romantic!!!!!

Haggai 2:9 The glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former, saith the LORD of hosts: and in this place will I give peace, saith the LORD of hosts.

Anything that God has done for us in the past.. all the good things.. are going to be surpassed.. and we will come to a place of peace... how neat is THAT?!!!

Isa 42:9-10  See, the former things have taken place, and new things I declare; before they spring into being I announce them to you."  Sing to the LORD a new song, his praise from the ends of the earth,
What happened yesterday is past.. and yet He is doing New things.. how delightful!!
Isa 43:18-19 "Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.  See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?  I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.”

Wow!!! I love that... a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland..
Phil 3:13-14 But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.

Yea and Amen!!
And so.. dearest ones... that is where I have been... hoping you are all doing well .. I am praying that each one of you will experience this wonderful NEW BEGINNING in your own lives.. thank you for all your calls, prayers and love.  I know that has been what has sustained me and brought me to this new place.  please continue to pray for me for God to guide me and direct me.. .. you are important in my life and I am thankful to God for each and every one of you...  

From my heart to yours,


Coming out of a winter season into the Spring and new beginnings in life is such a blessing.  I know everyone including myself loves to see a happy ending... so I am attaching below a picture of my family now.. this was taken at a mini family get together in Jan 2012.  My new husband Joe is on the left.. He is a gift from God and my best friend.

From my heart to yours,

Donsie/Donna 3/21/12

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Connie and Donna 2004
My dearest friend... I have put this letter to you in my Inspiration Blog as I believe not only have you been an inspiration to me in my own personal life, but to so many you have come in contact with in your lifetime.  You inspire me always to be my best, do my best and to see myself as God sees me.. and you have helped me to believe in myself even when I could not...   I love you forever dearest Connie!

Connie….Dear BFF,
You truly ARE my best friend forever.  You have been on my mind so much lately, and as I have been thinking about you and reminiscing about all that you mean to me it has made me want to write down how much I hold our friendship in my heart. 


The other day for example I desired some cinnamon toast.  I hadn’t had it in a while months actually... and everytime I do have it… I think about you.  I can remember our little studio apartment my parents had gotten us right around the corner from the UN building and near the “carry bus” to the Airport.  What a great location my parents picked for us don’t you think?  They considered you family and I remember having fun times at their Country Club and with their friends at parties at their home. 

At Mom and Dad's Country Club with Tom & Gwen
I loved the doorman in our building in NY who I believe sincerely liked us and kind of looked out for us, wearing his white gloves and hat and coat with brass buttons and epaulettes.  We barely ever had any food in our refrigerator because we were gone so much and when we were home we mostly ate out.  However, there was bread, butter and cinnamon for toast and you being a morning person would wake up with your gorgeous translucent skin.. No kidding I was always amazed that it was so delicate I could literally see your blue veins... so clear and pink and stunning.  I used to think you looked like Aurora in the Disney Movie when you were sleeping.  .. Anyway, you would wake up all bright eyed and bushy tailed singing and making coffee and you would come in to wake me so happily and I was like “NO ONE can be this happy this early”!!!  You would chirp to me “Do you want some coffee, a little cinnamon toast”?!!!!!  It was SO YOU!  And, then you would make it and bring it to me and sit on the edge of my bed and proceed to tell me the plans for the day!!! 
In California with Connie
But, I am getting ahead of myself… I remember the first time I saw you in United.  You and some other girls used to come into my room as I was the only East Coast girl in training... and a bunch of the Mid West and West Coast girls would come into my room to hear me “talk” with my accent!!!  I remember you sitting on the chair at the desk and when you laughed it sounded to me like little gentle magical wind chimes in a light breeze.  I had never heard such a sweet laugh before.  We all had such fun times and we all banned together during the grueling training sessions.  So much to learn. And, you and I were the youngest in the class so United wanted to keep the “babies” at home base Chicago after graduation for the first six months. 
Donna and Connie at Tommy's Christening Dad & Mom's

I remember we were learning how to bend our knees to pick up something and we had just gotten our uniforms... it was just about graduation time... and I thought to myself as I saw you bend that you looked so graceful.  Everything was so neat and in place!   
My United Airline Wings

After graduation we both had apartments at what they called “stew zoo”.  The first few months were a blur to me... I was so overtired with the crazy nonstop schedule and I was joint renter with about six other stews in an apartment... not even a bed as you slept in whatever was available... couch, bed .. reclining chair … depending on who was home from their flights.  Most of the time I was alone… and with it being my first time away from home in NY... it was scary for me.  At that time there was a “peeping Tom” who was tormenting the complex we both lived in.  One night after this had been going on for quite some time, I came home late after a flight and all I wanted to do was go and get some sleep.  As I was putting my suitcases in one of the rooms and was getting undressed, I heard a rustling sound.  I peeked through the window in my dark room and could see a creepy guy outside trying to peer into my bedroom window.  I just about freaked.  I went directly across the hallway to an apartment to a pilot friend of mine and he stayed on the couch that night to keep me safe.  I decided the next day that I would resign and go back to New York.  I was not going to get murdered for some job... even if I did love it.   But, fate would have it another way.  As I was on my way to the Airport to hand in my resignation, I met you and relayed my story.  You said, “don’t quit, come live at my apartment, there is plenty of room, and we can fly together and be safe”.  And, so I took your advice and the rest is history.  
In front of our apartment 42 & 2nd NYC

Oh what fun we had shopping together.  We must have been such a site together on the streets of NY... the petite blond and the tall brunette!!!   And we were real girly girls weren’t we?  On picture in particular stands out in my mind... one day we went shopping uptown and we somehow both hit it that day with things we loved... I remember we tried on a zillion items as usual and we walked home down the streets of NY with our treasures on our arms weighing us down, but happy as clams.  I think we went to Thursday’s that night... The one and only time I ever remember getting really drunk while drinking those strawberry whipped cream thingy’s in those huge marguerita like glasses.   Oh what stories we could tell huh??!!

Remember the gay guys next door who had such fashion sense and we would go over to their place and show them our new finds at times, and would all clap in glee?  What about the high priced call girls down the hall that I could never figure out how they were home all the time and had so much money to buy top notch wardrobes… You had to tell me they were call girls!!!!  Hahahaha   …Remember going to Greenwich Village for jewelry and accessories and that little coffee house... I think you and I were some of the first customers at Fridays .. and oh their awesome hamburgers on huge English muffins.  Mr. Laff’s and Phil who was crazy nuts about you.  Bobby and Lee and Art Carney’s son… the basketball player twins … that baseball player … so many super memories. 
We did live life to the fullest and we had such experiences… didn’t we ??   Hawaii and meeting my parents there, Buying Mumu’s with my Mom and Dad taking us all out to dinner.. That cute hotel right on the water with the great pool just outside our room?  Going to hear Don Ho sing... Polynesian Village night with the Hawaiian singers and dancers .. eating poi yuk!   And going to that tea room on the top of a mountain and the Pineapple Farm where they cut open pineapples with a machete and the juice just gushed all over... so sweet.. Never have I have a pineapple like it since.  Remember the Canlis Restaurant where they had incredible steaks etc and they had a sign on their baked potatoes.. “we are rubbed and tubbed, salted and hugged in foil and baked to perfection”   Can you believe that place is STILL there? 

I loved going to be with your family in Oregon.  Remember we went one time during some Rose parade and there were roses everywhere?  I so loved your family.. your Mom and Harold and being with all of them.  The thing I do remember the most about being with them is being so real and laughing so hard.. one time in particular sitting on one of the beds with your mom, Kathy, you and myself and laughing till tears came down with Harold saying … just what are you girls doing in there???  Hahahha  What about the time we stowed Billy away and took him with us on a flight.. what a hoot!!! 

Remember your brother sent you Rosenthal china when he was I think in Germany in the service and they packed it so well it took us hours unpacking it all!!  Just beautiful.      Jeannie and I giving you your bridal shower at our apartment and Jeannie and I made all the decorations by hand..

Our NYC Apartment Connie's Bridal Shower with Donna & Jeannie Grunburg
and oh remember going to the Jersey Shore for the weekends in the Summer. Who could ever forget that? Dancing on the tables in the Irish pubs…

hahahahha up all night .. bloody Mary’s  at that breakfast place early morn like about five am .. sleeping till three when the band outside our motel would start to play .. and it would start all over again!!  What a life.. “Life’s a Beach” should have been one of our sayings before it even was popular.. LOL!     I still haven’t has as good Chinese food as we had in that little place in Denver... the last time we went there it was late, we were so tired and it was raining cats and dogs, but we still had to go .. And what about UNO’s in Chicago and waiting in line for two hrs for pizza and that place in San Mateo where we had the penthouse two times and we had that wonderful pizza around the corner.  Oh my gosh, I almost forgot the food poisoning.. an experience I hope I never repeat.. it gave a whole new meaning to one bathroom in a home!

Who could ever forget my first attempt at coloring hair and you fell asleep and woke up to fried hair falling out all over your head... I was aghast and you barely skipped a beat... you had me go to the beauty shop in the hotel and buy you a wig .. and we went out on dates that night…   I bought a sterling silver alarm clock charm for my bracelet to remember the incident.  You had to go back to Oregon so this beautician could get some pure protein to put on your head while your hair grew back in as I remember.   I would have died if I had to go through that, but you took it all in stride!! 

Oh and the amazing wedding Richard gave you at Tappan Hill .. I adored your dresses and felt like I was in a royal court at a royal wedding.  You looked amazing.  You have always been so filled with grace and femininity, but especially that day.

We have been real best friends.. I have always been able to and still can tell you ANYTHING , and I know you will still love me and understand me.  That is a rare gift.. YOU my friend, are a RARE GIFT to me .. one I will forever be grateful to God for.  You are an amazing woman.  Your mothering skills have always astounded me. I think the thing I love the most about our friendship though, is that I have a real prayer partner in you.  You just seem to know what is in my heart and how to pray for me.  You discern when I need a across the miles hug, a word of encouragement, or when I need a good nap.. or a good cry!!! You have been with me during the best of times in my life, and the worst of times and our friendship has endured.  We are bonded together with cords of love that cannot be broken and for that I am so thankful. 
I can remember you visiting me in the converted barns in NY and I was drinking so much coffee I was like someone wound me up and let me go.  Raising four children and converting barns into a home at the same time.. had caused me to go “OH SNAP”!!!   You were so helpful and said .. “Donna, you need to stop all the coffee.. it has you spinning”… you were so right.. I gave up coffee at that time and everything slowed down to normal pace for me…

Or the time when you came to Charleston when Bart had his bad fall... what a ball you and I had together and what Holy Ghost encounters huh?  A God ordained time for sure.. I was so happy you were there with me .. I was so afraid of what the future would hold with all the physical problems from Bart's fall and do you remember you pointed your little prophetic finger at me saying "Satan made him fall" .. WOW~~ We have laughed together and cried together.

Connie, you have been with me through my ups and downs through all these 45 years that I have known you.  Matter how long it is between calls, we still pick up from where we left off.  There is nothing like knowing someone you have total history with is there?  You are so giving and have helped me out so many times honey and I am so appreciative of your love.  From Baby Christenings to deaths in the family we have gone through these together.. I am so grateful for the time I had with you and your gracious hospitality towards me and Maryanne on our trip to California when Bart died.  What a time of healing for me to have that time with you.. I needed it.

We are forever buddies, sisters, friends, confidants, pals,  and all that encompasses what friendship is all about.  I am so glad we found each other in this life.  My life is richer because of you.  My sister was four years older than me and I always yearned for a sister that I could do everything with, share my secrets with and my hearts desires (I do now have that with her).. I have always found that in you.  You have been there never condemning me or judging me in my life through thick and thin literally!!!!!  Hahahaha    You are a Godly woman who loves and cherishes what God has given her. You have overcome and succeeded in the midst of insurmountable obstacles, mountains and valleys.  You have stood when most others would have surely crumbled.  I highly respect you dearest one, and cherish our relationship.   I think you are an example of a true Christian woman my friend and I love you more than words can every express. 

Love…. Donna